Brewed since 1873

Taste Description

Coors Banquet is brewed with Rocky Mountain water and high country barley, just as it was in 1873. Over 140 years later, we’re committed to upholding the vision and values of Adolph Coors. So we ensure that every drop of the Banquet Beer meets our lofty expectations of how a crisp, full-flavoured beer should taste.  


In 1959, Coors introduces the industry’s first all-aluminum can, scraping the traditional steel and its unsavory effects on the beer. The brewery redefines how beverages are packaged while sparking a recycling revolution. Within the next decade, the practice would become standard for the industry.

Today, our cans pay respect to Banquet’s western heritage and legendary past, prominently featuring the Rocky Mountains as well as the iconic Coors script and red and white Banquet trapezoid.


In 1883, Coors wins its first award at the Chicago World’s Fair.

At the 2004 and 2009 Great American Beer Festivals®, Coors takes home gold medals in the American Premium Lager category.

The Banquet Beer The Banquet Beer
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