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Our Heritage

In 1868, German brewing apprentice Adolph Coors immigrates to America. Driven by the ambition to establish a top-notch brewery and beer, he treks into Golden, Colorado in search of quality water. He finds what he’s been searching for.

Adolph partners with Jacob Schueler and the two men open the Golden Brewery – producing the first of their Rocky Mountain beer. Coors buys out his partner in 1880 to become the sole owner of the brewery. Proof that his business chops are as keen as his knack for brewing.

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Our Heritage

In 1916, prohibition hits Colorado three years before the rest of the country. Beer production halts as the brewery is ordered to drain 561 barrels. Undaunted, Coors concentrates on its successful porcelain business, while also producing malted milk and near-beer.

Coors adds “Banquet Beer” to its name in 1936. As legends go, back in the 1800s, local miners would celebrate with get-togethers called Banquets. They stocked the parties with plenty of Coors from the nearby brewery. The “Banquet Beer” became a part of the Coors’ name as homage to those lively gatherings and western legacy.

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Our Heritage

Distribution remains limited from 1873-1991, reaching just 10 western states by 1939. This keeps thirst for the brew high, and the Banquet Beer develops a dedicated following across America. A former US president even stocks Air Force One with cases of Coors in 1975.

Tour de force trucker movie, Smokey and the Bandit, features 400 cases of smuggled Coors. Audiences everywhere are captivated, further popularizing Coors “Yellow Bellies.” 

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Our Heritage

In 2014, the Banquet Beer heads north and makes its much-anticipated debut in Canada and beer drinkers across the nation welcome The Legend with open arms.

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